Uselessbox is a device which it's sole function is to switch itself off by operating its own "off" switch.

Last Edited: 11.13.2020

Namun 2020 Website

Calpardo built a website as the Head of IT for the NAMUN 2020 Conference which improved my HTML, CSS and JS skills.

Last Edited: 10.30.2020


The AgriFly is a hexacopter which was designed for liquid pesticides’, fertilizers' and herbicides’ delicate changeable proportional implementations, and it brings new productivity-manageability levels to agriculture. But because of the insufficiency of money, it is only an .f3d file. Click to go online viewer

Last Edited: 10.30.2020

DNA Robotics

In 2019, we barely missed the labyrinth solver competition in the METU Robot Days. We had both the robot ...

Last Edited: 02.24.2020


CalparLink is a webpage that users can create their custom and easy to remember links that redirects from long and creepy ones.

Last Edited: 01.30.2020

Arduino LED Reflex Game

In this game, there are 4 green LEDs, 4 yellow LEDs, 2 red LEDs, 1 blue LED, a buzzer and a push button. The purpose of the game is to push the button when the blue LED is turned on.

Last Edited: 01.22.2019

Vision Processing LED Module

This is an LED Module for retroreflective tapes in FRC with 10mm LEDs and 150Ω resistors on 5V. Use 5V 500mA pins on VRM. Why do LED modules essential?..

Last Edited: 03.16.2021

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